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A cheatsheet for R

Hi everyone, this is going to be a simple manual for learning and using R commands for your data analysis. Learning R was not easy for me. whenever I wanted to run a simple command, I had to go through a very detailed explanation that I would often lose track of. Therefore, I wanted to create a simple instruction for anyone who is just learning to use R and to not suffer as I did. This manual is useful for anyone who has just started using R and needs to understand the function and instruction for the commands. Please make sure you have the R studio installed and check out

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Are bilinguals smarter than monolinguals?

Almost 43% percent of the world population are bilingual meaning that they can speak two languages fluently! There are some misconceptions that bilingualism can cause confusion or language delays! Nevertheless, recent research shows that mixing two languages is good for the brain. People that speak more than one language often must switch between languages. This means that they often must suppress one language when talking in another language. For instance, when looking at a dog, a monolingual English speaker will say ‘dog’. But to a bilingual, two alternatives present